5 Ways to Save Millions When Migrating from Oracle to Db2

Working with a large number of consulting customers brings many different corporate attitudes, database platforms, innovative ideas, styles of database utilization and cost structures for database operations. Software licensing, support and application development costs often lead into strategic discussions of ways to save millions. IBM is helping companies save millions of dollars by migrating their systems from Oracle to Db2.

Regardless of the operating system or platform, every database has several main cost factors such as application ease of use, compatibility, integration and support license costs. IBM is addressing all these costs, especially the support license costs of Db2 LUW, with its free Db2 LUW Db2-C downloadable version available here and its free usage Db2 LUW licenses for very small database environments. Check out all the details.

IBM is reinvigorating a very effective program that was started during Db2 Version 9.7 Cobra because it is saved companies literally millions in licensing and support costs by migrating their Oracle applications to Db2. Several years ago, during the initial program, I personally helped clients perform the migrations. They were a big success and continue to save clients real licensing costs. Below are five reasons your company should review your software licensing costs and evaluate how much you could save by migrating from Oracle to Db2.

  1. During the last several years Oracle licensing and support costs have increased dramatically compared to Db2. The Oracle related costs for running SAP and other application software have increased, sometimes with the Oracle license costs being over a million dollars per year. With IBM’s Db2 Direct Advanced Virtual Processor Core program you can replace Oracle with Db2 and potentially save over 80 percent in the first five years — with costs savings over five million dollars. With that kind of savings your C-Suite executives, procurement department and IT employees can easily improve the bottom line and maybe get bonuses for everyone involved.

  2. Next while you may have heard about this Oracle to Db2 migration opportunity program before and brushed it off, the Oracle migrating to Db2 licensing savings can be extraordinary. IBM has even set up a website where you can calculate your company’s potential savings here (https://www.ibm.com/analytics/us/en/switch-to-db2/). Put in your numbers and see what your savings might be from migrating from Oracle to Db2 and quickly contact your IBM representative to schedule your savings before you are locked into another Oracle renewal.

  3. Since standard SQL, triggers and application interfaces are used within your applications and especially applications packages, you can quickly understand how easy and straight forward it is for the Oracle database to be migrated to Db2. Having personally done an Oracle to Db2 migration back during the Db2 Version 9.7 days, I am aware it had its obstacles but proved fairly easy once fully scoped and analyzed. There are analysis and migration tools that can help with the Oracle migration to Db2. IBM has a Database Conversion Workbench (DCW) that has been around for years now to help you identify all the unique, proprietary and non-standard issues within Oracle. This free IBM Db2 DCW tool can be found on this web page, along with detailed information from its use over the years. DCW is a great tool and can quickly give you a more comfortable feeling about how easy it will be to migrate Oracle to Db2 and save huge licensing costs.

  4. One of the extra benefits that you get when your company migrates from Oracle to Db2 is that all your support operations and support skills sets are protected through the IBM Db2 SQL compatibility features. These Oracle to Db2 migration compatibility features were developed years ago and continue to be enhanced to help support and develop applications the way your staff is used to doing. There is even an IBM Oracle to Db2 Conversion Guide Redbook found here (http://www.redbooks.ibm.com/abstracts/sg247736.html) to help you understand how easy the Oracle to Db2 migration tools are to use and work with on a daily basis. Most DBAs work with several databases these days, and in most cases Db2 is one of the easier databases to work with, develop applications for and one of the easier database to maintain.

  5. One of the extra benefits my clients experienced after migrating from Oracle to Db2 is that their applications ran faster and had better overall performance. By migrating their applications form Oracle to Db2 their run-times were substantially reduced for major processing and had more efficient utilization of the CPUs within the box. (Of course your mileage may vary.) Oracle migration to Db2 has not only paid off financially through lower license cost but also through CPU efficiency, faster web response times and quicker execution elapsed times.

Even with open source software, the licensing costs, support people, application development and overall costs need to be reviewed. Consolidating your database to Db2 and especially migrating your application from Oracle to Db2 is a great idea because not only is Db2 the price performance leader it can also save your company literally millions. Pass this blog on to your executives so you can be included in the bonus pool when your company saves millions by migrating from Oracle to Db2. Check your savings out today and get your bonus tomorrow.

For more information on migrating from Oracle to Db2 check out my blogs from when I was doing the migrations with Db2 Version 9.7 Cobra.

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