A DB2 Business Intelligence Data Warehouse That Provides Value


Watching TV, I see Jeff Jonas from IBM talking about corporations looking at snapshots versus continuous flows of data. Reading various industry magazines, I understand more corporations are looking to build business intelligence and data warehouse systems to gain competitive advantage.

Combine DB2 MQTs for DB2 Business Intelligence Data Warehouses

In previous weeks I have talked about DB2 business intelligence data warehouse designs that combine multiple DB2 materialized query tables (DB2 MQTs). Combining these DB2 MQTS with different Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly and Yearly data provides a great way to quickly get reporting information.

But business intelligence data warehouse systems are more than just providing a platform to total sales figures quickly. As the IBM commercial points out, business intelligence is about getting a deeper understanding of your business. Your data warehouse design needs to be able to provide the extra data or information that provides context, comparisons and a deeper meaning to data.

Drill Down for Requirements for Your DB2 Business Intelligence Data Warehousing System

Understanding the flow of the sales totals, noticing whether sales trends are improving or declining is only the beginning. The ability to drill into your data warehouse information quickly and meaningfully is the start of a business intelligence system. Being able to drill through big department categories and then also analyze to the tiniest pixel color levels within unstructured data items is becoming part of data warehouse requirements for new systems.

When you are designing your new DB2 data warehouse business intelligence system, don’t stop with the major questions that are going to be asked. Follow up to uncover additional questions that will be asked after the first question gets answered. After you have uncovered four or five levels of questions, you’re ready to start theDB2 business intelligence data warehouse design. This way your system can provide better value. As the IBM commercial says you, too, can build a better planet.

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