Big Data: IBM Big Data Improvements--More Than Just BLU

At the BLU acceleration technology briefing last week there were additional impressive technologies unveiled.   IBM’s Big Data solutions showed better outcomes for the beta customers talking during the sessions and along with these three following different solutions should be considered for your Big Data applications as soon as possible.

First, if your business executives are starting up a Big Data project on the open source Apache Hadoop platform they will quickly find that there are many different companies and flavors of Hadoop.  Each company is adding their interfaces and branding around the open source Hadoop’s capabilities.  Your IT department and especially your data management group should try to direct your project to use the IBM Hadoop Infosphere BigInsights version because it is extendable and has the best interfaces.  The reason the IBM Hadoop Infosphere BigInsights is the best is because it has three different versions.  Starting with a completely free version of the Hadoop technology and migrating to the  two other Infosphere BigInsights versions and price points as needed, your company can quickly experiment and expand to leverage only the additional enhancements needed.

Next , one of the enhancements in the IBM’s  Infosphere BigInsights version is the new Big SQL.  Since many companies are having problems working with the new complex and difficult “R” programming language of Hadoop, IBM ported an ANSI standard SQL query engine interface to their version.  This ANSI standard SQL interface is not a watered down version but a completely DB2-compatible SQL interface.  This immediately helps your company’s time to answers with Hadoop by utilizing the large number of SQL skilled programmers your company already employs.  The Big SQL interface provides a way to port existing SQL queries to the Big Data Hadoop data store faster through IBM’s flexible and enhanced Infosphere BigInsights.

Last, but certainly not least, is the enhancement of the new DB2 Version 10.5 for LUW with its all of its BLU Accelerators mentioned last week along with its new JSON data stores.  The popular JSON data store used today for a variety of web and unstructured data applications is now a native backend data store within DB2 LUW.  The DB2 JSON objects can be referenced and searched through all the standard DB2 interfaces, command shells,  Java applications, and other DB2 APIs.  DB2 continues to expand and extend its unstructured data stores providing a robust and reliable database for any structured or unstructured data and all types of applications.

You’ll hear more about all these and other new DB2 and Big Data enhancements at IDUG and I hope to see you there.


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