BLU Acceleration DB2 10.5 for LUW Is the Best DBMS for These 4 Reasons

During the recent Information on Demand conference earlier this month I took to my Twitter account to highlight and note some of the more interesting details from the various sessions.  There were many sessions on the new BLU Acceleration DB2 10.5 for LUW that highlighted its lightning speed performance and other great features.

Many of the sessions talked about the BLU Acceleration of Dynamic In-Memory Columnar processing, Actionable Compression, Parallel Vector Processing, and Data Skipping that I highlighted in my blog from the BLU announcement earlier this year.  There are also many features that are in BLU Acceleration DB2 10.5 for LUW that make it an outstanding release. The following 4 really stood out to me:

BLU Acceleration performance is an X factor times better.  Performance is the first topic on everyone’s mind when it comes to any new release.  The BLU Acceleration DB2 10.5 for LUW release provides tremendous performance improvements in the “X times factor” instead of only percentage points improvement.  This “X times factor” is a major improvement for Big Data and data warehouses workloads. At the conference customers were telling how their workloads ran as much as 126x times faster at times.  Stories of how the new BLU Acceleration advanced compression, data skipping, and in-memory capabilities brought down CPU requirements by 77%, reduced I/O by an X factor, and improved SQL performance response time from hours to seconds across most of their applications were told in many presentations.

Centralized Locking is best.  The cluster comparisons of DB2 pureData and other DBMSs frameworks were also highlighted in various presentations.  These comparisons showed details of  other DBMSs encountering extra locking overhead, potentially freezing databases, causing extra I/O operations, and resulting in poor performance due to lack of centralized cluster locking frameworks.  By using a centralized locking framework, DB2 pureData and DB2 for LUW are able to communicate locking protocols with fewer I/O locking messages and realize the data page usage better, thus avoiding the problem of freezing the entire database and at the same time, minimizing the overall CPU and I/O impact of locking operations.  DB2 for LUW centralized locking minimizes the clustering locking overhead, helping performance and improving availability for all types of intense large workloads.

SQL access is optimized in many ways using new BLU Acceleration techniques.  BLU Acceleration DB2 10.5 for LUW optimizes SQL access at every step as the DB2 engine provides your query results.  First the BLU Acceleration actionable page compression compresses and stores the data to about 1/10 of its normal size.  Next BLU Acceleration processes only the columnar data columns store requested, cutting the data it needs to evaluate down even further.  Next through the new BLU Acceleration SIMD vector processing and data skipping capability, the DBMS is able to examine more compressed data in parallel with only one CPU instruction and quickly skip data eliminating extra I/Os against unnecessary data.  These factors are huge DB2 BLU Acceleration DB2 10.5 LUW performance aspects and are key ingredients why SQL that previously took hours now runs in seconds

Granular security is very flexible and optimized in BLU.  Within BLU Acceleration DB2 10.5 for LUW security is handled through the flexible and very granular Access Control Language (ACL).  ACL helps DB2 10.5 for LUW provide the finest grained access control imaginable.  Also the ACL provides the ability to define, limit, and duplicate security definitions while providing different levels of roles for typical developer, DBA, system and operator duties.  These ACL capabilities continue to be enhanced and are very easy to understand, administer, and define compared to other DBMSs that only have a subset of the levels of authority and cumbersome auditing capabilities for securing data from all administrators.

There are many additional reasons BLU Acceleration DB2 10.5 for LUW is the industry leader, but I wanted to point out these first 4 reasons that make the entire DB2 family the industry leader.  As I make my way through all the IDUG and IOD conference presentations I look forward to pointing out all the other reasons BLU Acceleration DB2 10.5 for LUW is the database of choice for your next project.

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