Dave Beulke is a New Data Champion

Integrated Data Management is the theme of the 2008 Information on Demand (IOD) IBM Conference where the tagline of “Innovate, Optimize and Perform” is everywhere.Since I have been a DB2 consultant designing and implementing integrated high performance databases using DB2 for z/OS since Version 1.2 and DB2 Linux UNIX and Windows systems since it was called OS/2 Extended Edition, IBM decided to recognize some of the distinguished implementers for their years of industry building systems for clients. And that included me.

IBM recognized us by making us their inaugural group of “Data Champions,” highlighting our industry support, DB2 regional user group support and DB2 consulting and company experience. Click here to see my Data Champion profile.

In addition to becoming a Data Champion, my integrated data management ideas were highlighted at the IOD Conference. During a video and on stage during Arvind Krishna, Vice President of Data Management’s conference keynote address, I talked about the importance of data integration. (It was the first time I’ve ever done a video and I have new respect for every news reporter.) It was exciting being on stage in front of the 6,000-seat auditorium and telling my integrated data management ideas.

My thoughts are that integrated data management helps everyone understand their systems and applications better and in more detail.By integrating their data management, business analysts and IT professionals can better understand the context, meaning, domain and impact of their data.Only after fully understanding the data can the proper governance, risk assessment and security be implemented.These factors are being exposed through a new set of tools I have been involved with since the beta program almost two years ago: IBM’s new Optim Data Studio and pureQuery products.These new tools provide a great method of improving application developer productivity, application performance and reducing CPU demand costs for your business.What is even better is that a developer version of Data Studio can be downloaded for free from IBM (link to come).

So I encourage you to check out Data Studio and let me know how your business improves by integrating your data management.

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