DB2 10 for LUW Extends IBM’s DBMS Leadership in Critical Ways

This week IBM finally announced that the beta “Galileo” is ready and generally available as DB2 10 for Linux, UNIX and Windows (LUW).  This new version of DB2 10 for LUW extends DB2’s leadership position as the premier database for businesses that want the best performance, reliability, availability and scalability.  DB2 10 for LUW is a new release from IBM and it shows the on-going commitment and investment in the software.  Other vendors, especially Oracle, have not had a new release since 2007 and IBM has had two releases, release 9.7 and now the new DB2 10 for LUW in that same time period.  The following highlights the primary three areas in which many of the competitors are falling behind this new innovative DB2 10 for LUW release.

First, IBM’s new Adaptive Compression within DB2 10 for LUW provides another leap forward in minimizing the storage requirements of any database instance.  DB2 9.7 provided deep table/index compression which could save tremendous amounts of storage, but the new Adaptive Compression squeezes data even at the page level achieving a 7 to 8 times level of compression in some database beta testing instances.  This industry leading level of compression helps all operations and queries by accessing more data with each I/O and can improve performance tremendously for data warehouse applications.

Second, temporal data comes to DB2 10 for LUW.  Temporal data which is being labeled the “Time Travel Query” feature provides the same great feature of being able to understand your data at any point in time that was introduced for DB2 10 for z/OS.  Unlike the other DBMSes, the DB2 family, including DB2 10 for LUW and DB2 10 for z/OS, leads the industry by providing the ability to understand your data in the past and in the future through its single or bi-temporal time traveling implementation.  This provides the ability to the database designer and the application developer to more easily provide answers to any complex analytical questions.

Third, DB2 10 for LUW provides industry-leading security through its new flexible Row and Column Access Controls for granular security.  This feature on both DB2 10 for z/OS and now DB2 10 for LUW provides the security administrator with the flexibility to define security access for particular columns and rows along with masking and encryption security to provide the appropriate level of security for any user, role or group with any organization.

These are only the first group of the many new features available in the new release DB2 10 for LUW.  I will highlight more of the features in the coming weeks.


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