DB2 10 for LUW Extends IBM’s DBMS Leadership in More Critical Ways

IBM finally announced the new DB2 10 for Linux, UNIX and Windows (LUW).  This DB2 10 for LUW new version offers many industry leading features for better performance, reliability, availability and scalability.  Last week’s blog talked about three great new DB2 10 for LUW features: Adaptive Compression, Temporal Data and new security Row and Column Access Controls.  This week we highlight three more areas where DB2 10 for LUW extends its industry lead over its competitors.

First, DB2 10 for LUW improves on the industry-leading high availability disaster recovery (HADR) features by providing the ability to replicate or fail over to up to 3 other instances.  This provides further flexibility to have multiple copies of your database in various locations for HADR standbys.  For example, this feature provides the ability to have a standby locally, a standby remote and another standby for disaster recovery purposes.  Another new DB2 10 for LUW flexibility feature within this HADR enhancement allows the administrator to adjust the principle standby sync mode to sync, nearSync, async, or superAsync, providing all types of flexibility for application requirements. 

Next, DB2 10 for LUW further lowers the cost of existing workloads by improving its query access efficiencies.  Improvements in the hash join optimizer algorithms with earlier data filtering, memory usage and optimizer cost estimation provide improved access performance.  New optimizer routine technology for data warehousing applications provide new Star-Join zig-zag join capabilities improving performance by better filtering and retrieving the fact data.  Also, new DB2 10 for LUW optimizer access improvements for queries with aggregation such as COUNT and SUM SQL are improved.  Also SQL with subqueries with EXIST and Not EXISTS are improved through better optimization and access performance.

Third, DB2 10 for LUW further consolidates the DB2 pureScale offering within the DB2 LUW family.  For those new to DB2, the DB2 10 for LUW pureScale offering uses clustering technology for linear scalability and continuous availability through redundancy.  This is based on the technology and architecture found in the DB2 for z/OS data sharing environment.  These proven architecture and industry-leading ultra-high performance linear scalability and failover capabilities that scale-out easier than Oracle RAC, lead the industry in overall price performance.  Incorporating DB2 10 for LUW pureScale within DB2 10 for LUW provides added convenience for all DB2 LUW systems and customers to improve and scale up their systems through the common DB2 10 for LUW code base.

These are only a few more of the many new features available in the new release DB2 10 for LUW.  I will highlight more of the features in the coming weeks.


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