DB2 10 for z/OS the Belle of the Ball - The IDUG Recap

The annual North American IDUG conference was held in Anaheim, California last week where the latest and greatest information about DB2 was unveiled. The IDUG Board of Directors and especially the Conference Planning Committee did a great job providing qualified users, consultants and IBM developers as speakers to discuss their technical experiences with DB2 for z/OS and LUW, including the new release of DB2 10. DB2 performance tuning, application development and DBA topics filled the agenda and everyone learned the latest techniques to help their companies gain the competitive advantage.

DB2 10 Beta program was the largest with testing by 24 companies and the most successful testing period ever for a new DB2 version.

The DB2 10 for z/OS software is only about a year old and is definitely being tested by an ever growing number of companies. The very nature of a new release requires the regular introduction of the maintenance for both z/OS and DB2 for the best stable environment and to fully leverage its performance tuning improvements. It is recommended that companies planning to go to DB2 10 should plan on at least quarterly maintenance cycles to fully incorporate all APARs, Hipers, and other fixes or enhancements.

DB2 10 continues to be enhanced due to some of the issues discovered during the beta program and other items that needed additional work. The DB2 for z/OS Version 9 Plan Stability feature is getting a lot of attention with its ability to help with production package access path preservation. The DB2 10 additional features of APCOMPARE and APREUSE are still being worked on. Even if these new enhancements don’t make it in the release, Plan stability continues to be a great feature introduced in DB2 for z/OS Version 9 for guaranteeing that access paths stay the same or improve with every new developer version.

There were also a number of great announcements for DB2 LUW and I will cover those in next week’s blog.

Thanks for stopping by my IDUG booth and the compliments on enjoying the blog, the DB2 10 White Paper and my Syspedia meta data repository product. Now I understand why I am so tired after the conference.

For those of you that are looking for the DB2 10 White Paper the sign up link for the free download of the PDF from the IBM website is below. You have to sign up because they want to know how many people download the DB2 10 White Paper, but it’s free and you can opt out of any email spam. So download it today at:


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