DB2 Migration to DB2 10-Three Critical Performance Items to Help You Prepare

When you and your management start to talk about your DB2 migration to Version 10, start planning immediately because the DB2 migration path never has enough time for all that needs to be done. Regardless of when you start there are normal operations, everyday issues and, of course, lately earthquakes and hurricanes to make your DB2 migration schedule tight.

Maintaining DB2 performance through any DB2 migration is always a challenge. The following three items will help you and your company complete the DB2 migration with your DB2 performance intact or improved by leveraging the new features within DB2 10.

First: Make sure to sign up to get the latest information about the DB2 migration process through the IBM informational APARS. From either DB2 Version 8 or DB2 Version 9 these APARS give you the best information on the latest and greatest IBM DB2 maintenance information. I have mentions these APARS before, but here they are again.

Read these APARS and you will also learn about many critical DB2 migration items, such as the pre-migration checklist, the NEWFUN compiler information, the z/OS related APARs and many more vital items.

Second: Performance is critical for your DB2 migration to DB2 10 and your performance information needs to fully captured and documented. Documenting your pre-DB2 10 migration performance can take on many different forms, but make sure it is completely documented and can be referenced by package level statistics. It doesn’t need to be fancy, but make sure you have a report somewhere that contains the package name, its current access path explain information, its last compile time, its run-time, and I/O and CPU usage. Since DB2 plans and DBRMs are being converted to DB2 packages within the DB2 migration to DB2 10, including your DB2 plans and their DBRMs in your documentation is also required to prove your performance is as good or better after your DB2 migration to DB2 10.

Third: Make a list of processes that can have their performance impacted, improved or might be sensitive to the new features within DB2 10 after DB2 migration. Since the entire old version DBRMs and DB2 packages are usually rebound through DB2migration, make sure to put an automated process in place to compare the old access path and new DB2 10 access path. There are a number of great features within DB2 10 that are detailed in the DB2 10 Technical Overview (http://www.redbooks.ibm.com/abstracts/sg247892.html), DB2 10 for z/OS Performance Topics (http://www.redbooks.ibm.com/abstracts/sg247942.html) and in a much shorter version in my DB2 10 White Paper: IBM DB2 10 for z/OS – Reduce costs with improved performance (https://www14.software.ibm.com/webapp/iwm/web/signup.do?source=sw-infomgt&S_PKG=db2_zos_reduce_costs).

All of these resources provide great information on new DB2 10 features that provides your company tremendous performance potential. Get going on these performance items for your DB2 migration to DB2 10 and they will help you make sure your migration to DB2 10 is a huge success.

* * *

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