DB2 10 Performance Solutions

Being a DB2 consultant is always interesting especially when visiting a variety of shops around the country analyzing their designs, practices and DB2 performance. The major theme that comes through all these shops is that every company is trying to save money and trim their IT budget. These cost savings efforts are slashing budgets by about 8.1% according to a recent CIO poll. The main method that is being used is virtualization, combining all those UNIX and Windows environments that have sprouted up over the years. The new DB2 release comes along at just at the right time because DB2 10 performance solutions are potentially huge for many of the common designs, practices and performance problems that are being used today.

DB2 10 Performance Solutions for Too Many DB2 Indexes

For example many DB2 index designs have far too many separate indexes defined on high performance tables. The DB2 10 Index INCLUDE COLUMNS feature provides the ability to consolidate some of those many indexes. This will provide a CPU reduction for any data modification process and save storage with fewer indexes to manipulate and store.

Even if your design cannot remove all the indexes, DB2 10 also improves INSERT performance by using more parallelism. When INSERT SQL modifies a table with multiple indexes, DB2 10 does the pre-fetch of multiple DB2 indexes in parallel. By initiating parallel I/Os for the multiple indexes, the process is not waiting for synchronous I/Os, reducing the overall INSERT processing time. This cuts down the timeframe of possible contention within your system and improves DB2 performance for all your applications.

DB2 10 Performance Solutions for Access Paths

DB2 10 Optimizer SQL improvements are going to help everyone and especially applications and DB2 systems that have a large number of list pre-fetch access paths. These access paths are improved because the SQL Optimizer does more processing during beginning of the data retrieval process Stage 1 SQL evaluation.

The DB2 10 SQL optimizer now evaluates scalar functions and non-matching index predicates during the Stage 1 evaluation of the SQL access path. Data entries that previously waited until the Stage 2 process are done early in the optimization process and dramatically limit the number of qualifying data pages and rows that have to be evaluated. By eliminating these rows early in Stage 1, I/Os and CPU of these additional data entries are not passed into Stage 2, significantly reducing and dramatically improving query elapsed time and overall query performance. This DB2 Optimizer SQL performance solution alone will make a huge difference in all of your application’s DB2 performance.

DB2 10 Performance Solutions for All Applications

These and other features in DB2 10 provide immediate CPU and cost savings for any company. With additional new SQL, XML and data warehousing features, DB2 10 provides more availability, design options and performance for new or existing applications. DB2 10 provides DB2 performance solutions and a way for your business to reduce costs and improve DB2 performance exactly when your CIO and company needs it most.

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