DB2 Performance is Java Performance: Holy Grail

When getting my taxes ready every year, I review the previous year’s activity. Reviewing 2008 has shown that the majority of my consulting was spent fixing and tuning DB2 Java based systems. This is not a big surprise since the trend and majority of my clients over the last three years have had Java performance tuning opportunities. So the trend of Java applications being built and implemented with DB2 z/OS and LUW continues at an ever-growing pace.

In most of these client situations, the majority of the problem has not been the database or the DB2 LUW or z/OS system; it has been related to the DB2 Java application processing. Java is the new workhorse and many systems are being implemented and not performing well. Working with my clients, I’ve discovered a variety of issues with these systems and over the next several weeks I will highlight the most common factors that kill performance for these new Java application systems.

By leveraging the new object model and great application development tools in Eclipse, according to a E-week poll last February, Java applications with AJAX and JavaScript development are taking over as the dominate application programming languages at the start of this century — almost twice as fast as .Net applications.

Many object frameworks, architectures and programming patterns options are implemented with these languages. Given that there is no one object framework, architecture or application programming pattern is right for every situation, there is neither a single right nor wrong way for performance success.

(To be continued next week.)

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