DB2 Performance Tuning: Reliability, Availability and Scalability IDUG Resources

As I continued to review the IDUG presentations from this year, DB2 performance and RAS (Reliability, Availability and Scalability) came to mind. The DB2 LUW presentation by Dale McInnis and Katherine Kurtz’s “Best Practices for Building a Database Recovery Strategy for Your InfoSphere Warehouse Database” popped out at me. I’ve seen many of Dale’s presentations over the years on HADR, DB2 LUW backup strategies and other operational standards and this year’s session provided great additional information.

In his presentation backup strategies and the recovery topics are discussed with nice details and notes. Practical information on different backup scenarios: partition level, database level and point-in-time recoveries are discussed. The scenarios are also expressed in their proper context as Recovery Point Objectives (RPO) and Recover time Objectives (RTO). Using these two RPO and RTO perspectives clearly helps everyone, especially management; understand the issues and costs of the various ideas.

I also liked the discussions on the four levels of compression within the backup scenarios. DB2 table compression, backup compression, TSM Compression and Storage compression can all improve your backup time and backup scenarios. But each of these may or may not be beneficial for your database table information. Some testing is required to reflect the best compression ratios provided by each compression level along with its impact on the recovery time and scenarios. Overall compression is wonderful but can really slow processing down during critical restore activities.

Additionally, the presentation discusses the different possible disaster scenarios and how to recover from each of them. With DB2 backup command examples for partition level and full database level recoveries, the presentation is especially great for DB2 LUW backup beginners.

So check out all the IDUG presentations, while you are waiting for Sony to retake its Play station network from the hackers, or maybe you have time because you are waiting for the electricity to come on as the Amazon cloud tries to sell more Lady Gaga music. Meanwhile the smart companies and money is consolidating and re-emphasizing their mainframe processing with more Java web applications that make your web processing the fastest possible and the best experience available. Also remember, whatever you do, the DB2 Family with its historical emphasis on DB2 performance and RAS provides the best possible solution for your next database application project.

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