DB2 Performance

DB2 performance is achieved through well-run systems, quality database designs and efficient application implementations of the business functions and features. All of these factors are related, interact and combine to achieve overall DB2 performance.  Dave Beulke and Associates have over two decades of experience with DB2 and they understand the unique balance between all of these various components and are able to quickly identify problem areas and recommend solutions to support the business’s strategic goals:

  • Act on information faster
  • Improve understanding of customer needs
  • Increase and leverage innovation faster
  • Improve decisions through accelerated analytical analysis

Over decades of DB2 performance consulting, Dave Beulke and Associates have saved companies millions of dollars by reducing operating costs with system, database, application, SQL and DB2 performance tuning. These improved efficiencies have come from:

  • Lowering CPU demands
  • Decreasing the need for hardware upgrades
  • Designing strategic database improvements
  • Eliminating specialized software
  • Dramatic improvement in application efficiencies

These DB2 performance improvements and efficiencies have been achieved in many different industries from financial firms to media companies to large government agencies.

Typically, DB2 performance-related engagements focus on a specific business application or on a particular strategic business area using DB2 technology.  Dave Beulke and Associates evaluates major processing areas such as: architectures, frameworks, components, systems, database designs, DB2 settings, application structure, processing efficiencies and SQL coding techniques.

Overall DB2 performance is achieved through analysis of all of these areas, how they interact and what changes are necessary to improve DB2 performance. Dave Beulke and Associates continues to reward its clients with measurable, actionable and dramatic DB2 performance improvements of up to 46%.


Recent DB2 performance engagements produced the following results:

By providing strategic architecture leadership for a federal government client, the Dave Beulke and Associates team designed, prototyped and implemented a 22+ billion row data warehouse in only six months using an Agile Development Methodology.  By implementing this big data DB2 warehouse, the client was able to reduce processing time from 37 hours to mere seconds.

Also during another client’s performance review of the overall computing environment significant CPU savings of 46% was realized through DB2 performance tuning of the system and application components.   By reviewing the DB2 system, databases, and applications, Dave Beulke and Associates was able to dramatically reduce CPU time and improve website application response time by 39%, drastically improving their customer experience.

Reducing operating costs for your business by improving DB2 performance depends on leadership, performance designs and deep technical skills.  Dave Beulke and Associates has the expertise to reduce the cost and improve the productivity of your DB2 information systems.  Call 703-798-3283 (or email moc.eklueBevaDnull@evaD ) today to discover how to improve your DB2 performance tomorrow.