DB2 10 Transition and Performance Training



This DB2 10 Transition and Performance class details the performance, application and data warehousing enhancements, new parameters and CPU reduction opportunities implementing DB2 10 for z/OS. Early adopters and customer testimonies document reductions in CPU consumption by 5-10% right out of the box. This DB2 training and education class will teach you about DB2 10’s many enhancements that will help you optimize your DB2 run-time environments. You will learn additional DB2 performance techniques that can provide an additional CPU savings of up to 10% by specifically leveraging DB2 10’s processing and utility improvements.

This DB2 training and education class also discusses how to make a smooth transition to DB2 10 and avoid any migration issues. You will also learn about the new DB2 performance factors, DB2 table maintenance options and the new DB2 data warehousing temporal features. This class provides you with the in-depth discussion for a successful migration and a DB2 performance playbook to reduce your CPU consumption right away with DB2 10.


Attendees at this class will gain:

  • A comprehensive detailed technical presentation of all the features and functions within DB2 10 for z/OS
  • An extensive list of the performance enhancements available within DB2 10 that can reduce your CPU requirements right out of the box.
  • First-hand knowledge of migration tips and techniques to help you avoid any migration issues from Version 8 or version 9 to DB2 10

Length: 1 day


  • System Administrators
  • DB2 Database Administrators
  • System Architects
  • Data Warehouse Administrators
  • Business Intelligence Architects
  • Technology Evaluators


To see a sample syllabus for the DB2 Training 2012: DB2 10 Transition and Performance class, click here.