DB2 for z/OS Transition Performance

Companies delay transition to the newest version of DB2 because they are concerned about the DB2 performance impact on their running applications. How do you insure that your transition to the newest version of DB2 will not only avoid problems, but also take advantage of the latest DB2 performance improvements? What new features are best for your applications and how do you take advantage of them? This DB2 training and education class will help you insure that your company achieves continual improvement in managing CPU and I/O costs.

Attendees at this class will learn:


  • The latest architectural and technical improvements to DB2 and how they contrast to previous releases.
  • How to avoid potential problem areas and take advantage of DB2 improvements
  • The vital practices you need to prepare for a successful transition to a new version of DB2

Length 1 day

Audience DB2 Database Administrators, System Architects,
Technology Evaluators, System Administrators,
Data Warehouse Administrators, Business Intelligence (BI)

Price Pubic Seminar: $499 per person

To see a syllabus for
DB2 Training 2012: How to Do a z-OS Performance Review class, click here.