SQL Performance Using Data Studio and pureQuery

DB2 Training Abstract:

The SQL Performance Using Data Studio and pureQuery DB2 training and education class presents the various SQL Access Paths and the Visual Explain capabilities within the Data Studio and pureQuery development environment. This DB2 training and education class teaches the attendee how to use the Data Studio and pureQuery features so they can be getting the best performance out of their SQL development immediately.

Data Studio with pureQuery facilities can quickly generate both dynamic and static SQL database access modules helping developers test, understand and debug their java application and SQL modules faster and easier. This DB2 training and education class discusses typical application development scenarios along with how to use Data Studio’s integrated debugger for quickly resolving programming issues and improving performance.

This DB2 training and education class also details the setup, configuration, and improvements the pureQuery facility can quickly bring to change a dynamic java JDBC SQL into a static SQL application dramatically reducing, sometimes up to 20% of its CPU consumption. The Capture facility improves performance without any application code changes, improves trace-ability of the JDBC java module SQL and improves security for the application.

Through these DB2 training and education lessons, you will learn about SQL performance using Visual Explain within Data Studio and pureQuery. This will help make all your application development quicker and easier and reduce your overall CPU resource demands.


Attendees at this class will gain

  • Detailed information on how to tune SQL Access Paths using Data Studio
  • A comprehensive knowledge of the Visual Explain, java development functionality and other SQL Tuning features within the Data Studio.
  • Detailed instructions on how to leverage, implement and improve your java developer productivity, SQL tuning skills and performance using pureQuery and Data Studio.

Length: 1 day


  • Java Developers
  • Java Application Managers
  • System Administrators
  • Database Administrators


To see a sample syllabus for the DB2 Training 2012: SQL Performance Class Using Data Studio and pureQuery, click here.