DB2 Version 10 for z/OS and DB2 LUW: Redefining DB2 Performance

The beta of DB2 10 for z/OS continues to progress with the early indications that the relative DB2 performance processing bar is definitely being raised in this next version.  Early DB2 10 beta customers are truly experiencing 5-10% DB2 performance improvements out of the box.  Some are even experiencing greater improvements because their unique application processing fits or leverages some of the other new DB2 10 features.

Also most of the rumored new functionality is probably going to make it into the DB2 10 release.  This is great news for all the companies and applications that are ready to take advantage of features such as INCLUDE non-unique columns within a unique index, new HASH space and access method, online schema changes, pureXML, timestamp enhancements, temporal, time zone enhancements.

Also thank you all for your great comments about last week’s blog “Performance is Relative.”  I have trouble getting back to all the emails while working at clients, so your understanding is deeply appreciated.

The comments were great, relating how a few of you have experienced the DB2 Version 9.7 LUW compatibility features and quickly converted your databases from Oracle to DB2.  You commented that during and after the conversion, the application performance improved “substantially” with queries completing faster than ever before.  Also mentioned was how the licensing costs were reduced by going to the DB2 platform.

Next there were the comments from DB2 and MySQL administrators that are struggling to get processes to perform on the MySQL platform.  One person said their application works fine in their test environment but once it goes to production they convert it to DB2 for three reasons.  First DB2 has excellent documentation, support and overall performance. While MySQL is a good database and its open source nature may provide good documentation, the open source community support and overall performance is not at the “bet your business” level.  Sure Google and other large companies run their business on MySQL, but they have huge redundancy, a large support group and other techniques of getting around MYSQL performance problems or an availability failure.  For my client’s applications and business DB2 works ALL the time with minimal attention.

So last week’s “performance is relative” theme has been enhanced to this week’s theme “DB2 Redefining Performance.” The latest DB2 LUW Version 9.7 release with its compatibility and DB2 performance and the new DB2 Version 10 with its DB2 performance improvements give your business a competitive advantage and lower your overall costs.

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