IBM BLU Cloud: Three Reasons to Try Innovation

The International DB2 User Group ( conference is always great for exposing the latest DB2 Family technology news.  This year was even better with everyone talking about their successes with DB2 Version 11 and the many advantages of IBM BLU acceleration and its industry leading performance.

In addition to all of the DB2 information at the IDUG conference, during a special educational session IBM unveiled its beta of IBM BLU Acceleration for the Cloud and the BlueMix cloud offering.  These beta cloud offerings which can be found at and provide a way to quickly and easily access powerful cloud resources for all types of applications.  The following reasons are why you want to sign up and try your latest project with these beta IBM BLU cloud resources.

  1. Experience the IBM Cloud for free.  Over the last two years IBM has bought SoftLayer, Cloudant and other cloud infrastructure and services companies.  The maturation, combination, and streamlining of their offerings is coming to market in these first releases of IBM BLU Cloud and BlueMix cloud offerings which include many low expense and free options.  The two different IBM clouds have different attributes depending on the type of cloud platform desired.The IBM BLU Acceleration for Cloud offers a quick and easy way to set up and run analytics against any type of data set.  Using BluForCloud you can upload and interrogate any data sets with Cognos, R-Studio, R, as well as Excel or other analysis tools.  Using the examples, the easy–to-provision resources and templates, your analytics is only a few clicks from completion.Within the IBM BlueMix cloud offering you will have access to an increasing wide variety of runtime environments, web application frameworks, IBM and third party web applications, mobile applications, data management choices, big data options, and development environments and tools.  All of these low expense and free offerings are expanding as IBM partners with companies and prepares its software catalog to be cloud compliant.
  2. Leverage elastic secure cloud platform.  What is great about these IBM BLU cloud offerings is that they provide cloud infrastructure with known secure resources and another option for getting started for free.  IBM is used to supporting the enterprise so when it put these IBM BLU cloud resources together it knew security needed to be the top priority, so it included SSL, AES-256, Master Key and Guardium auditing capabilities.  These resources, along with encryption, provide a secure trusted environment that can stand any tests, governance and audit requirements.  Systems demand can vary dynamically. On demand IBM BLU cloud resources are an elastic secure resource that can be used to provide extra capacity in real time for those seasonal or ad hoc capacity demands.
  3. Enjoy Software Stack Flexibility.  IT departments, business leaders, and application developers are constantly looking to new technology to power innovation within the company.  These IBM BLU cloud and BLU Mix cloud options provide flexibility and agility with all type of software such as NoSQL, Java, JavaScript, Open Source, Mobile, and any other software stacks application development or the business desires.  This software stack flexibility provides a way for businesses to quickly experiment and integrate new technologies and services that can help provide a competitive edge.  Time to market and agile development are key to success and having a clear canvas through the IBM BLU cloud and the Blue Mix cloud environments provides an opportunity for any type of application development options.

So make sure to mention to all your developers and managers who read too many magazines, the IBM cloud offerings which might be viable for their next project.  These two different IBM Cloud initiatives provide a wide variety of software options available to get your next analysis or big data project completed in the cloud.

Dave Beulke is a system strategist, application architect, and performance expert specializing in Big Data, data warehouses, and high performance internet business solutions. He is an IBM Gold Consultant, Information Champion, and President of DAMA-NCR, former President of International DB2 User Group, and frequent speaker at national and international conferences. His architectures, designs, and performance tuning techniques help organization better leverage their information assets, saving millions in processing costs.

St. Louis DB2 User Group Meeting June 3rd
I will be presenting at the St. Louis DB2 User Group meeting June 3rd. There are two tracks one for DB2 z/OS and one for DB2 LUW presentations.

I will be presenting both my “Big Data Disaster Recovery Performance” and my “SQL Considerations for a Big Data 22 billion row data warehouse”.  Hope to see you there!

Sign up for the meeting at


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