IDUG Better than Ever with Hot News about ISAO

The 2010 North American IDUG Conference was last week and all the great volunteers and speakers helped the IDUG community produce a great learning and networking experience.  The user’s point of view from the speakers, tool vendors and many IBMers provided great information on DB2 10, latest performance techniques and strategies for getting the most out your DB2 LUW and z/OS environments along with the latest innovations.

Users and IBMers alike gave great detailed information on the DB2 technology landscape.  One of the exciting things within the Data Warehousing realm was the new IBM Smart Analytical Optimizer (ISAO).

The ISAO is particularly interesting because of its configuration, compression and lightning fast query speed.  The ISAO is a new z/OS appliance that bolts on an appliance of data server blades to your z/OS system. In conjunction with your DB2 system, it can quickly answer all the crazy complex data warehousing SQL queries against terabytes of data—sometimes under less than 3 seconds—lightning fast DB2 performance.  The ISAO appliance uses dedicated blade servers to handle terabytes of data with almost insignificant data latency from the main DB2 system.

These ISAO dedicated blade servers then use customized compression routines to organize the data for SQL queries.  Having dedicated blade servers provides the ability to quickly offload the workload from your main DB2 system, saving precious resources, and to execute any type of complex SQL against your large data warehouse database.  Even the toughest, most complex queries come back in seconds as the dedicated blade servers can handle it.  This technology beats all the other specialty data warehouse technology sold by other vendors. It’s a great way to quickly offload data warehousing workloads from your main CPU to this new specialize ISAO appliance.  It is also a great way to make your end users happy with great response time and management happy that you are offloading cycles from your main billable environment without having to move the data off your safe and secure DB2 z/OS environment.

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