IDUG EMEA Conference Starts Off with Great Information

The IDUG DB2 training conference has officially started and it was great to see a large number of people. Curt Cotner and Namik Hrle started off this DB2 education conference with a great keynote presentation. They highlighted the roadmap of the coming and present features of DB2 z/OS and DB2 LUW.

They talked about the latest technology from the NoSQL open source, other columnar database technologies and how it is being incorporated into DB2 z/OS and DB2 LUW. They mentioned that by putting these technologies into DB2 z/OS and DB2 LUW, these open source and other technologies are experiencing better backup, recovery and performance. Sometimes the performance improvement is up to 4 times faster because of the efficiencies within DB2. By incorporating these new APIs within the DB2 product lines DB2 is able to solve all types of problems especially the latest big data and complex analytics.

Additionally the columnar technology and compression improvements are dramatically helping DB2 z/OS clients with dramatic query processing improvements. The integrated DB2 Analytic Accelerator (IDAA) improves queries tremendously (sometimes up to 1900%) taking queries from hours to seconds. The DB2 z/OS system analyzes the queries and ships them to the IDAA for extremely fast answers. Integrating this without any application changes is proving to be very attractive for data warehousing on the DB2 z/OS platform.

Additionally the declining memory cost and the in memory database technology are improving, making these processing models more attractive. The IDAA and these other technologies are helping DB2 on both z/OS and LUW make compression more effective and query performance faster.

That is all for now. More from the DB2 training conference next week.

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