IDUG Europe and More DB2 10 Features Coming

IDUG Europe

The focus now turns to the IDUG 2010 European conference in Vienna, Austria. It is always interesting to hear about the different DB2 systems, applications and information technology points of view from all the conference attendees. Last week at the IOD conference the focus was on DB2 10 migrations, database performance and analytics. The IOD conference attendees were interested in how quickly they could save their company money with DB2 10 and the extra efficiencies that they could squeeze out of their environments.

The IOD conference attendees were especially impressed with the 10 times improvement in the number of connections that can be active within DB2 10. Talking to a large banking client, the ability to go from 500 concurrent users to 5000 concurrent users in a single DB2 10 member helps tremendously with limiting the number of data sharing members.

I wonder what top DB2 10 features the IDUG European conference attendees will be most interested in? Will it be the role based security model, the data masking and encryption capabilities or the many performance improvements with the new release? Once the conference gets going the presentations and conversations are always great. Also make sure to stop by any of my sessions at the IDUG 2010 European Conference:

Monday November 8, 2010

Database Performance Discoveries and Recommendations

Session F1 11:30-12:30


Tuesday November 9, 2010

Java DB2 Developer Performance Best Practices

Session 11:00-12:00


Tuesday November 9, 2010

Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence Special Interest Group-

SIG-D 13:00-14:00

DB2 10

The announcement of General Availability of DB2 10 and the release of the DB2 10 manuals showed that not all the features that were scoped out, discussed and written for the new release made it into the GA version now available. Talking with the IBM DB2 leadership and developers shows that there are several interesting features that are going to be coming through the PTF and APAR maintenance stream. Some of these features are rumored to help with Plan Stability, DB2 Member resolutions and handling DB2 table changes within an active online environment.

So remember to stay informed by subscribing to the informational APARs for DB2 10.Everyone should see these additional enhancements “in the very near future” to quote one of the developers, whatever schedule that means.

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