IOD Conference Roundup

Oracle to DB2 Conversions

In the previous weeks I’ve talked about how easy it is to transfer your systems from Oracle to DB2. At the IOD conference many Oracle to DB2 conversion companies added their value proposition testimonies. IBM recorded these testimonials by video and audio, documenting the Oracle to DB2 conversion experiences to gain a better understanding of customer situations, performance improvements and any issues. IBM says that the DB2 Version 9.7 release is 98% compatible with Oracle and many of the migration people I talked to at the conference said that the biggest hassle was getting management to try the migration. It just shows that management can be the biggest problem for moving forward with advanced technology.

Cognos 10 Integrates More Platforms with SPSS

Next the announcement of Cognos 10 along with the 4,000 customers, developers and support personnel who attended the conference was a great addition to IOD. Their business intelligence experience and the new ability to integrate with SPSS predictive analytics provide a powerful statistical engine for all types of business analysis. Cognos added templates and a new business intelligence workspace interface that provides standard business intelligence analysis views, graphs and plans. Additional interfaces to multiple source data platforms along with more comprehensive real time monitoring and debugging tooling, provides users and administrators with a flexible configuration for any business intelligence environment requirements.

Thank You for Attending the IOD Conference

Attending the conference is a tremendous experience and I want to say a big “Thank you” to everyone for saying “Hi” at the DB2 10 book signings, attending my sessions, or noting their experiences with the blog. Also, I want to thank everyone for all the great conversations. Even though I have helped several clients each year over the last 12 years of consulting, every client is different and each has their unique successes, issues and challenges. All of these conversations confirmed, tested or brought up new ideas about processing or DB2.

Talk to your IBM representative to get a copy of the new DB2 10 collaborative book with information from Roger Miller, Julian Stuhler, Surekha Pureka and me. Over a thousand books were handed out at the IOD conference so hopefully someone grabbed one for you. Our book, DB2 10 for z/OS – Cost Savings ….. Out of the Box, along with several other books can be found at IBMs developerWorks DB2 Books.

IDUG 2010 European Conference – Vienna, Austria

If you are or someone at your company is attending the IDUG EU Conference in Vienna, Austria

Monday November 8, 2010

Database Performance Discoveries and Recommendations

Session F1 11:30-12:30


Tuesday November 9, 2010

Java DB2 Developer Performance Best Practices

Session 11:00-12:00


Tuesday November 9, 2010

Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence Special Interest Group-

SIG-D 13:00-14:00

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