IOD, IBM Trends and Budget Planning for DB2 10 Migration and Performance

The IBM Information on Demand (IOD) conference is going on right now and there are several IBM product announcements that are available at the IBM web site addressing the big data explosion, cloud social and analytic business trends. These announcements unveil another great step forward over the competition in all of these areas.

The new version of DB2 LUW along with refreshes of the existing Optim line, the Infosphere product line and updates to the integration of last year’s Netezza acquisition. IBM’s new DB2 LUW Galileo is Version 10 and has several new capabilities, one is DB2 temporal tables previously available only in DB2 10 for z/OS, can be tested on the Amazon cloud.

IBM continues to leverage technology to address the business trends such as Big Data, Cloud, and more data warehouse (DW) and business intelligence (BI) analytics. The work being done with DB2 and Hadoop within the Infosphere Big Insights product and along with Cloudera are always interesting as terabytes turn into petabytes for the average system. IBM has set up the new DB2 LUW on the Amazon cloud with its many database capabilities. This makes it really easy to experience DB2 LUW and the cloud in one place. The new IBM BI and DW capabilities from Cognos’ and Netezza’s new hardware line and their ability to scale and analyze up to 12 petabytes of data is incredible. Also the new bolt on Smart Analytics Optimizer appliance to the new z/OS helps reduce query processing ten-fold.

Finally, it seems that everyone is still working on DB2 migration to DB2 10. During my recent DB2 Night presentation, the survey showed that most people were working with DB2 10 only in their test environment or were waiting until next year to begin testing. Budgeting for education, performance reviews and migration assistance continues to be a challenge. The best advice I heard on budgeting was to put twice as much as you need in the DB2 education and conference budget and when they cut it by half you still get to go or bring in the education for the DBAs and application developers to maintain and leverage the latest DB2 functions and features and speed your DB2 migration to DB2 10.

Read through the IBM announcements for IBM trends and see all the great innovations, functions and features that keep the IBM software and hardware and your company ahead of the competition.



I will also be speaking at the International DB2 User Group (IDUG) European Conference in Prague. I will be presenting my “DB2 10 Temporal Database Designs for Performance” on Mon, November 14, 1:30 PM – 2:30 PM. For more details on my presentation click here. ( I will also be involved in the Data Warehousing Special Interest Group (SIG) and the final discussion panel, so please join all the presentations, networking and discussions on DB2. Sign up now at



Finally, I am going to be presenting at the Midwest DB2 Users groups in the 4th quarter. I will be doing Minneapolis on December 6; Milwaukee, Wisconsin ( on December 7; and Chicago, Illinois ( on December 8. I look forward to seeing everyone at the meetings to discuss all their plans for the 2012 year.

Come see me in any of these venues and ask me your DB2 performance or data warehouse performance questions.

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