Make More Money with DB2 10

The 2010 North American IDUG Conference and the IOD EMEA conference the last two weeks have really highlighted all the new functionality and features within DB2 10.  The more you hear about these functions and features, the more you realize they are really going to save your company money right away.

Justifying a DB2 upgrade is always necessary for management and for the new DB2 10 it is going to be a lot easier with its many CPU saving features.  With all the new features saving from 5-7% right out of the box in conversion mode, DB2 10 offers existing systems and applications immediate savings.  Add in all the new options such as Hash Access, Index Include Columns and other features and developer and DBA activities become a lot easier, reducing your overall DB2 CPU capacity requirements possibly up to 20%.  Think of getting a 20% decrease in your costs and the costs of the associated third party software and you can see why management is going to push for getting DB2 10 installed as soon as possible.

One of first ways DB2 10 reduces your CPU within your systems and applications, is through a new access path called Range-List Index Scan.  This new access path should immediately assist many of your applications that have multiple WHERE predicates that reference the same index.  In DB2 9 the access paths scanned the index for each of the WHERE predicate references.  Within DB2 10 the Range-List Index Scan scans the index only once to retrieve all the RIDs, saving the extra CPU and I/Os of multiple separate scans, RID consolidation and elimination of duplicate RID entries.  This can be a huge improvement for applications that have paging or other types of searching SQL WHERE predicates.

When your applications are being prepared for migration to DB2, the plan stability features started in Version 9 and improved with DB2 10 will assist you.  Within DB2 10 this enhancement lets the application manager lock down any package for a particular access path.  If the access path is changed through an attempt to rebind the package, the process can supply an error or provide a warning within the Bind process.  This protects your access paths against access path problems and alerts your developers to a possible problem.

So if you want a 20% decrease in your CPU demand or just want to start thinking about staying up with your competition, start your plans for DB2 10 now.

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