Many Reasons to Go to the New DB2 9.7

Going through the DB2 9.7 Cobra beta was very educational for learning about the new features and functions. In the video below I and several of the other beta customers talk about their companies’ experiences with DB2 Version 9.7 and what features they liked best about the new DB2 release.

There are many reasons to switch to IBM’s DB2 Version 9.7. Oracle continues to raise its license prices; there are huge DB2 performance and operational benefits; and DB2 index compression will save huge amounts of disk space.

Watch the video and discover more reasons why companies are moving their applications to the new release of DB2.




Dave Beulke is an internationally recognized DB2 consultant, DB2 trainer and education instructor.  Dave helps his clients improve their strategic direction, dramatically improve DB2 performance and reduce their CPU demand saving millions in their systems, databases and application areas within their mainframe, UNIX and Windows environments.

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