New DB2 pureScale on Linux Expands DB2 Family Capabilities


Last week IBM announced the zEnterprise with its new integrated IBMPOWER7 and IBM System x blades environments. This provides users with the ability to run traditional mainframe applications alongside any UNIX and Intel based applications. These new capabilities provide a one-stop cloud environment for businesses to deploy and scale any application from any platform.

This week IBM announced the new deployment options for the DB2 pureScale system to the IBM System x environments. The ability to leverage the DB2 pureScale environment provides the same multi-member DB2 data sharing mainframe capabilities within a new SUSE Linux based solution. Testing shows that the DB2 pureScale environment performs and scales almost linearly, like the z/OS DB2 Data Sharing mainframe environment.

Providing these DB2 Data Sharing type capabilities within the System x architecture provides another great performance and scalability option within the DB2 LUW family. The DB2 pureScale option with its tremendous scalability provides a great expansion option for existing DB2 LUW systems that are running out of capacity within their single computing environment footprint. And now with the ability to deploy them to the zEnterprise, companies that have DB2 LUW systems can get the reliability and performance management of the mainframe environment.

This DB2 pureScale on System x also provides another DB2 LUW open solution for companies that need to consolidate UNIX or Intel based environments and applications. So regardless of the application or system requirements, the DB2 family provides the most open cost efficient options. Check out the full IBM DB2 pureScale announcement at IBM.

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