Plan Stability - Version 9 DB2 Performance Features - Part 20

DB2 Version 9 offers a new way to handle testing out a new version of a DB2 application through the Plan Stability enhancements. The Plan Stability enhancements offer a way to save a static DB2 access package for an application and then BIND a new one. If the access package is not as efficient, Plan Stability provides the administrator the ability to switch back to the previous version of the package with a simple REBIND of the package.

Plan Stability has the ability to allow management of two or three copies of old static SQL packages controlled through the DB2 PLANMGMT zParm and REBIND parameters. Through using either BASIC or EXTENDED capabilities DB2 provides the PLANMGMT(BASIC) for two copies, Current and Previous, and PLANMGMT(EXTENDED) for three copies Current, Previous and Original.

Through the REBIND SWITCH parameter, administrators can pick whatever version of the package they want. This gives the application team the flexibility to get the desired version of the package working and the flexibility to work it into the production environment. If you don’t have procedures around plan stability and the PLANMGMT REBIND parameter, start looking into it right away as it can be a great help replacing an access path to improve DB2 performance.

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