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IBM’s System z Software Technical Sales Boot Camp at Silicon Valley Lab was last week and I was one of the few Gold Consultants who was invited to attend. This event highlights IBM’s new technology features for the IBM sales and services teams. The event presents all type of information from software enhancements, scheduled updates and types of functions and features in the DB2 Engine, InfoSphere, IMS, DB2 Tools and Business Analytics hardware software areas.

Since the purpose of this event is to train the IBM staff, there were several hands-on classes that helped everyone understand new features in the products. One of the hands-on classes that I attended was on the new IBM DB2 Analytics Accelerator – IDAA. During this session we quickly configured the new IDAA appliance, defined and loaded tables that needed acceleration and enabled these new tables for consideration by the DB2 z/OS optimizer.

The performance improvement for these IDAA enabled DB2 z/OS tables was fantastic, returning results in seconds. IBM customers are experiencing dramatic 1000% or more improvements in query performance, taking queries from hours to seconds. This benefit is the result of incorporating the Netezza technology into the DB2 z/OS environment, dramatically improving “speed of thought” data warehousing experiences for end-users.

The data warehousing DB2 z/OS IDAA experience provides end-users with the ability to ask any question imaginable against their data and receive their answers at the “speed of thought.” This improved query performance can literally be against 10s or 100s of terabytes of data unlocking access for new types of questions for any type of business analytics.

The set up, configuration and production of result sets from these DB2 z/OS IDAA tables can literally happen in a couple of days. Since the DB2 z/OS IDAA solution is an appliance, it is quick to set up, configure, load and query for answers. Using this solution is like plugging a super charger into your data warehouse, allowing you to load about 1TB of data into the appliance in only a hour. DB2 z/OS takes care of the rest through its optimizer technology, routing the queries to IDAA when the new appliance will produce faster results.

Meeting and talking to all the architects about the technology was really great also. They explained in-depth how the DB2 z/OS IDAA Field Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGAs) are used for data decompression, data filtering and early SQL projections and restriction. The IBM proprietary technology is great but the appliance speed of implementation and analytic speed of use are also impressive. So make sure to get one of these new DB2 z/OS IDAA accelerators before your competition buys the appliance. Also make sure to mention my name to your IBM sales rep, because I want one of these new products for myself because this new technology is a game changer for traditional data warehouse databases. This new appliance makes “speed of thought data warehousing” a reality with DB2 z/OS IDAA.



I will be speaking at the Heart of America DB2 Users Group on March 12 in Overland Kansas. (http://sites.google.com/site/hoadb2ug/announcements/march2012meeting).

I will be doing my new speech: Agile Big Data Analytics: Implementing a 22 Billion Row Data Warehouse

This presentation discusses the design, architecture, meta-data, performance and other experiences of building a big data and analytics data warehouse system. You will learn through this presentation the real life issues, agile development considerations, and solutions for building a data warehouse of 22+ billion rows in only six months.

This presentation will help you understand techniques to manage, design and leverage the big data issues for a more in-depth understanding of your business. Also the agile development processes will be detailed, showing how to uncovered complex analytics requirements and other issues early in the development cycle. This presentation will help you understand all these experiences that took processes from 37 hours to seconds so you can create a successful big data design and scalable data warehouse analytic architecture.

Also I am beginning to plan my Regional DB2 User Group support for 2012 year. Please send an email to me at moc.ekluebevadnull@evad if you would like me to come and speak or offer a DB2 class at your local user group.


I look forward to speaking at the IDUG DB2 Tech Conference 2012 North America conference. The conference will be held in Denver, Colorado on May 14-18, 2012. Sign up today at www.idug.org.


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