DB2 Hibernate Performance Improvements

While doing DB2 performance reviews for clients over the years, I’ve discovered that many times their projects are using Hibernate as their DB2 Object Relational Mapping (ORM) interface. While DB2 and Hibernate can produce tremendous performance there are many best practices to achieve that goal. The following DB2 Hibernate performance improvement techniques will help your . . . → Read More: DB2 Hibernate Performance Improvements

DB2 Java Application Performance: Monitoring and SQL Improvements

As your Java workload continues to grow, your application monitoring and SQL performance needs to be improved within the system and application coding. The following techniques will help you monitor, improve and streamline your DB2 Java application performance.

First, know your application connections and threads. When doing performance reviews of a client’s DB2 applications, it’s . . . → Read More: DB2 Java Application Performance: Monitoring and SQL Improvements

DB2 10 security improves Java Performance

DB2 10 Security Improvements

DB2 10 for z/OS introduces the ROLES-based security model that was introduced in DB2 9.7 LUW. This security model provides granular data access security providing definitions that can secure data access down to the row and column level. DB2 10 also . . . → Read More: DB2 10 Security Improves Java Performance

IDUG Europe and DB2 Java Performance

Sleep is over rated. Sleepless from too many time zone changes from clients to then jumping on a plane and presenting at the IDUG conference in Vienna was great but a challenge. The baby two seats away from me had a bad flight over and I felt so sorry for Mom trying everything to stop . . . → Read More: IDUG Europe and DB2 Java Performance

DB2 8 for Z/os DB2 Performance Boost

DB2 8 for DB2 zos Performance Boost

2006 DB2 Magazine article by DB2 consultant, Dave Beulke, identifies a few key cost-saving measures DBAs can take with DB2 8 for DB2 zos to improve Java DB2 performance.

Two Java Items to Check to Improve DB2 Performance

With DB2 10 coming out and the IDUG North American Conference this week, there should be another great opportunity for further information about the new release.

One problem is that too many shops have DB2 performance problems with existing Java applications and not even all the new DB2 10 features and enhancements will help . . . → Read More: Two Java Items to Check to Improve DB2 Performance

Connect with your DB2 Performance

Recently working with a client’s SOA environment showed several interesting DB2 performance issues. One DB2 performance issue that was quite stunning was the large number of connections that the .Net and Java applications were making to DB2 and other systems. Researching the system and application further uncovered a wide disparity in the handling and the . . . → Read More: Connect with Your DB2 Performance

DB2 Case Study Introduction: DB2 Performance and Throughput

Every client is different and working in a variety of different environments helps me understand different systems, applications and DB2 database design performance aspects and what works and doesn’t work. Over the next few weeks, I’ll be highlighting for you how to improve the DB2 performance . . . → Read More: DB2 Case Study Introduction: DB2 Performance and Throughput