5 Ways to Save Millions When Migrating from Oracle to Db2

Working with a large number of consulting customers brings many different corporate attitudes, database platforms, innovative ideas, styles of database utilization and cost structures for database operations. Software licensing, support and application development costs often lead into strategic discussions of ways to save millions. IBM is helping companies save millions of dollars by migrating their . . . → Read More: 5 Ways to Save Millions When Migrating from Oracle to Db2

Migrating Oracle to DB2 Part 2


Please keep the comments coming and it seems there are a lot people interested in Oracle to DB2 conversions especially migrating from Oracle to DB2 for z/OS. The main questions were “How long does the migration from Oracle to DB2 really take?” and “When migrating from Oracle to DB2 what are the real problems . . . → Read More: Migrating from Oracle to DB2 Part 2

Oracle Conversion to IBM DB2 Cobra


Thanks for all the comments and emails about the blog. It is great to hear from everyone and hear how your company is having success or the same issues with your applications. It is also interesting to hear from the database competition Oracle.


DB2 9.7 has a number of features that make it . . . → Read More: Oracle Conversion to DB2

Four More Reasons to Migrate from Oracle to DB2.

I received some great comments and questions based on the last blog entry/video about the many new features in DB2 Cobra.One of the more interesting questions was asked “How much work or how compatible is the new DB2 with Oracle?”The answer DB2 is very compatible, so . . . → Read More: Four More Reasons to Migrate from Oracle to DB2

DB2 Compatible with Oracle

Another great feature that is in the new Version 9.7 of DB2 is its new compatibility with Oracle. This compatibility takes many forms within the database such as understanding operational syntax, stored procedures keyword syntax and improved operational concurrency that I covered last week.

The DB2 compatibility with Oracle was developed because many clients . . . → Read More: DB2 Compatible with Oracle