Get the SQL Cache Anyway--Even Without OSC

It seems that I hit a nerve when I was talking about DB2 tools. It seems many shops are upset at the rising costs of third party tools. IBM’s responses of some free tools that have limited capabilities are also getting limited enthusiasm.

What has been interesting is there really seems to be support for . . . → Read More: Get the SQL Cache Anyway–Even Without OSC

Free Tools for DB2 Help You Improve SQL Access and DB2 Performance

Analyzing SQL access and DB2 performance is difficult without any tools. The Optimization Service Center (OSC) is a great tool and resource within DB2 V9 for z/OS. This tool helps you with the cost of the SQL, Visual Explain of the access path and provides the ability to dump and then look through the Dynamic . . . → Read More: Free Tools for DB2 Help You Improve Access Performance