Three Areas to Examine Before Your DB2 10 Migration

2012 has kicked off with a vengeance and everybody is back in the office and wants everything done right now. The crowded calendar continues and people want your DB2 migration to DB2 10 schedule as soon as possible. There is no time to get your existing applications and SQL improved before your DB2 migration, but there are three areas you really need to look at before the DB2 migration kicks off.

First, DB2 10 requires System Managed Storage (SMS) for the DB2 Catalog. If your shop has just adopted SMS for DB2, make sure to set up special SMS groups for your DB2 Catalog, and its high performance requirements. Having good SMS I/O performance for your DB2 10 Catalog, its logging infrastructure and especially its DB2 10 DSNDB07 area are critical to your overall system and application performance. Make sure these DB2 SMS groups can perform at a high I/O rate before your DB2 migration to Version 10.

Next, before starting your DB2 migration, identify and fix all DB2 applications and SQL causing any RID Pool failures. RID Pool failures are going to become an extra burden in DB2 10 as they will overflow into your DSNDB07 sort and temporary table pool instead of converting to a table space scan. Diagnose the number of RID Pool failures and how much they will impact your DSNDB07 area. Then expand the DSNDB07 storage appropriately. Your DB2 10 migration will be judged by the application performance after DB2 10 starts up and RID Pool failure is an application problem that can make your DB2 migration to Version 10 hard work look bad.

Next, document your DB2 subsystem address spaces’ memory usage. DB2 10 has a number of great features and many of them come at a cost of additional memory. Unfortunately, this DB2 10 memory usage comes from the core and some additional memory usage under the 2GB bar. Examine your DB2 Version 9 before the DB2 migration and see how much memory space is free and available. Also, make sure that your DB2 monitoring is in place to document any SOS (Short on Storage) situations before and after your DB2 migration to Version 10. These DB2 SOS situations are tremendously bad for every aspect of your DB2 system and application performance. So make sure your system has enough memory.

As I help clients with their pre-migration preparations and performance tuning it is always important to make sure things are working well before the migration. Examine these three DB2 Version 9 system areas and it will definitely help your performance after your DB2 migration to DB2 10.

Also I am beginning to plan my Regional DB2 User Group support for 2012 year. Please send an email to me at moc.ekluebevadnull@evad if you would like me to come and speak or offer a DB2 class at your local user group.


I look forward to speaking at the IDUG DB2 Tech Conference 2012 North America conference. The conference will be held in Denver, Colorado on May 14-18, 2012. Sign up today at

Public DB2 Performance Tuning & SQL Training Education classes in February in Chicago.

Dave Beulke & Sheryl Larsen Chicago February 22-24

February 22: DB2 SQL and Optimization Enhancements by Sheryl Larsen

February 23: DB2 10 for z/OS Performance Training by Dave Beulke

February 24: Two great seminars to choose from

Tuning SQL for Performance by Sheryl Larsen


DB2 Performance for Java Developers by Dave Beulke

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