True Performance within the New zEnterprise

The new zEnterprise IBM computer was announced last week and it can run any workload. Yes any workload! Your company can now run mainframe, UNIX and some Windows applications within the new environment.  The new zEnterprise is designed with performance and capacity for large-scale consolidation of any workload.  As has been done recently with consolidating UNIX systems into the mainframe environment, it’s now possible to consolidate the myriad of Windows based systems with the integration of z/VM 6.1.  This new computing architecture helps consolidate performance, integrate data better and improve overall management of the computing environment with unified standard performance security and optimization facilities for better overall availability.

The zEnterprise takes consolidation one step further as any workload can be implemented within its standard environment with dramatic energy savings using workload optimizers through zEnterprise’s integration of the IBMPOWER7 and IBM System x blades, allowing the consolidation of diverse application workloads.

This helps deliver the mainframe’s reliability, availability and security to these other platforms while helping your company lower risk, overall computing and energy costs.  The new architecture also helps centralize all the data from these diverse platforms to a central hub, eliminating the many copies and remote islands of data.  This improves integration, latency and performance as heterogeneous architectures perform more end-to-end enterprise transactions.

Consolidated computing through the new zEnterprise system is just beginning. Now all architectures, systems and applications can truly be evaluated for their performance.  Regardless of the operating system, programming language or network protocol, your company can get it all done with the lowest total cost of ownership with 96 of the potentially newest and fastest CPUs (5.2GHz) available on any computer in the world through the new zEnterprise system.

Check out all the zEnterprise information at the links below and the interesting comments about z/VM from PCWorld. Then imagine all your enterprise data integrated into a high performance, energy efficient and optimized system.

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