DB2 10 Performance Improvements

There are many great features in DB2 10 and as the system migrations happen more companies are experiencing improved performance.  The clients doing migrations from DB2 Version 8 to DB2 10 are especially happy experiencing the performance improvements in DB2 Version 9 once they make it to Version 10.

There are many areas where performance improves in DB2 10.  Some of my client and contacts have said there are certain application areas that are experiencing significant DB2 10 performance improvements.  The following highlight the three application areas where companies are really seeing improved application elapsed and CPU time with DB2 10 performance improvements.

First DB2 10 performance improvements are happening for heavy INSERT applications.  DB2 10 provides parallel index entry INSERT processing for tables with multiple indexes.  The DB2 10 performance improvement kicks off parallel I/Os for the multiple table indexes instead of processing each of the indexes serially.  This cuts down on the amount of time an INSERT takes within the operation and especially helps those applications that are inserting and maintaining tables with ten or twelve defined indexes.  For applications that do a lot of INSERT activities into these heavily-indexed tables, they will see the I/O and CPU DB2 10 performance improvements right out of the box.

Next, applications that are doing a large amount of List Prefetch are seeing DB2 10 performance improvement.  DB2 10 uses non-leaf page information to more efficiently retrieve leaf pages through list prefetch.  This improved list prefetch processing helps performance by eliminating the I/O waits and synchronous I/Os from the sequential read processing.  The list prefetch processing especially helps indexes that are disorganized or have large gaps by eliminating the sequential reads and extra index I/O.

Third, DB2 9 had a large number of SQL application enhancements and the clients coming from DB2 Version 8 are seeing a great number of DB2 10 performance improvements because they are experiencing the Version 9 improvements as well.  In my DB2 9 for z/OS performance blog series and in my presentation “DB2 V9 for z/OS Performance Enhancement.” The chart shows all the DB2 9 performance enhancements available immediately.  One of the enhancements made available in DB2 9 and further enhanced in DB2 10 is in DB2 utilities. 

Clients from DB2 8 are really seeing performance improvements and DB2 9 clients are also seeing a bit of a DB2 10 performance improvement in DB2 utilities.  Clients on the new z196 hardware are especially seeing improvements in their DB2 utilities through DB2 10 improved I/O capabilities and leverage of zIIP eligible DB2 utility processing.  The new z196 processor especially helps with sequential reads and I/O activities for DB2 utilities and many different types of DB2 SQL application I/O.

There are many DB2 10 performance improvements, but remember every shop will experience different performance CPU and I/O effects.  Thanks to all my friends and clients for sharing their DB2 10 experiences and hopefully your shop will experience these same performance improvements and many others by leveraging these DB2 10 performance improvements.


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