DB2 Information to Improve DB2 Performance

Below you’ll find DB2-related information to help improve DB2 performance and well as links to important DB2 training and education resources.


Technology integration is an important component of on-demand systems. IBM supports technology integration through open standards.

Business Intelligence/ Data Warehouse Information

DB2_for Business Intelligence. DB2 is the most flexible and performance-friendly solution for business intelligence technology. Read why in this article.

Built-in functions in DB2 LUW can save you money and improve performance and ROI for Business Intelligence applications.

DB2 Version 8 introduced significant features to improve performance of data warehousing applications, including improvements to star joins, DB2 MQTs and common table expressions. Learn more about these important DB2 data warehousing features.

Correct DSNZPARM settings are important for data warehouse performance. Download a PDF chart of recommended DSNZPARM DB2 10 settings.


Introduced in 2004, Cloudscape was an important asset to the open-source community. IBM discontinued support for the standalone product in 2007, only keeping it as part of bundled software such as WebSphere. Read about the advantages Cloudscape has over other open-source databases.

DB2 in General

For IBM information about DB2, visit the IBM DB2 main page.

DB2 Access…

…from the Internet

Read about lessons learned from an early experiment of DB2 access using Net.data: A Hyperlink to the Mainframe

…Using CICS to Access DB2

Properly tuning your CICS and DB2 RCT parameters can save your company CPU and make you look good to your boss. Learn the impact that Tuning Your RCT has on your system.

DB2 Compliance

DB2 helps with IT compliance by providing the technology you need to gather the information for HIPAA and Sarbanes-Oxley compliance. Learn how it can also improve DB2 performance.

DB2 Express-C

DB2 Express-C is an edition of the DB2 data server that is available to the small business community at no charge.

DB2 Java

Learn about DB2 Java Performance with pureQuery and Data Studio

Design performance into your DB2 and Java application from the start.

Three tips to help you improve performance of your Java DB2 transaction.

DB2 Organizations

The International DB2 Users Group (IDUG) is the longest-running DB2 organization in the world, with annual conferences on three continents.

The IDUG archives include DB2-L information going back to 1999.

DB2 Performance

Technology advances in DB2 LUW Version 9 and DB2 for z/OS Version 8 made it possible to improve DB2 performance.

Learn some of the 38 ways Dave was able to find potential savings of up to $16 million by reviewing DB2 performance.

DB2 Technology

Using DB2 LOB provides business application improvement and performance challenges.

DB2 materialized query tables (DB2 MQTs) can make a DBA’s life easier.

Released in DB2 V9, index compression and index on expression improved DB2 performance.

DB2 Tools

DB2 tools have been in existence since the early days of DB2. Yet convincing management to use them can be difficult. Here’s why DB2 tools save money.

DB2 Version 8

DB2 UDB for Linux, Unix and Windows made great connectivity improvements when Version 8.2 was released. Read about some of these DB2 UDB features.

DB2 Version 9

A brief introduction to DB2 v9 for z/OS features.

IBM’s DB2 Version 9.1 for z/OS page.

Learn about DB2 V9 for zOS Performance Enhancement

DB2 V9 introduced optimistic locking for improved DB2 performance, especially in data sharing applications.

DB2 V9 provided new DB2 security features, as well as the introduction of pureQuery into DB2 to help Java applications.

DB2 LUW 9.7 provided performance improvements.

IBM’s DB2 LUW 9.7 page.

DB2 Version 10

To aid migration from DB2 Version 8 to DB2 Version 10:

To aid migration from DB2 Version 9 to DB2 Version 10:

DB2 10 White Paper IBM DB2® 10 for zOS® Beta—Reduce costs with improved performance.

The main IBM page for DB2 Version 10 for z/OS.

Logical Database Design

Good physical database design begins with good logical database design–including normalization and naming standards. Learn techniques for logical database design.

Optimization Service Center for DB2 for z/OS

Optimization Service Center (OSC) was a workstation tool used for monitoring SQL statements in DB2 Version 8 and 9. It has since been deprecated.

Relational Database Design

Developing your relational database design correctly impacts DB2 performance.

Sysplex Information

Sysplex and DB2 Data Sharing. CMOS machines capable of Sysplex processing and data sharing, revolutionized the IT world. Get a basic understanding of Sysplex and data sharing.

Web Services

Web services applications bring challenges to DBAs.