DB2 10 Rocks Big Data

It was a good Information on Demand conference with Information Management, Business Analytics and Big Data taking their turns as the most important subject.  Even the thoughts I mentioned in last week’s blog about management by magazine indicated by the latest Harvard Business Review cover story on big data and an interior article describing the position of Data Scientist as the sexiest job were discussed.

What was also interesting was the conference, which grew out of the IBM DB2 Technical Conference is now pulling over 12,000 people with many  presentations on a wide variety of the IBM portfolio such as Big Insights, Cognos, InfoSphere, Guardium and too many others. The IBM DB2 Technical Conference is only a segment of this larger conference now.

The three major themes and takeaways that I got from the conference were DB2 10 really does rock by saving CPU, Big Data is the new hype and reality, and KIWI is the word for big data management.

First, a big thank you to all the people that came to my “Agile Big Data Analytics: Implementing a 22 Billion Row Data Warehouse” speech.  I was really happy to talk to 120+ of you and answer your questions about the advantages of IDAA, Big Data considerations and creating Materialized Query Tables (MQTs) from other MQTs.

Attendance at the standard DB2 10 presentations made the evidence clear that DB2 10 has delivered on its promises of reducing CPU requirements.  Once you get into New Function Mode of DB2 10 everything really works well according to both IBMers and attendees.  Yes, there are some important APARs and PTFs that everyone should implement. They can be found through the Info APARS (II14474: DB2 V8 MIGRATION/FALLBACK INFOAPAR TO/FROM DB2 10) (II14477: DB2 9 MIGRATION/FALLBACK INFOAPAR TO/FROM DB2 10 (I)) that can be found on my DB2 Information page.  In addition to DB2 10’s reputation as a great release, IBM has opened the DB2 11 Early support program for companies to apply.  Contact your company’s IBM representative if interested.

Next, Big Data is the big hype and reality as some companies are investigating and implementing their big data solutions.  Big data is the big hype because like other computing models, big data has multiple components that can be presented anyway necessary to highlight a variety of ideas or products.  The hype of big data intensifies your IT and data management procedures and practices.  However, the reality is if your company does the data analysis and understands the nuggets of customer behavior in your unstructured and structure big data, data relationships can be built to improve patient care, customer service and ultimately improved profitability can be yours.  If your company dives into projects without proper business return on investment figures and good business models, you won’t be able to make big data gold out of big data dirt.

Thirdly, KIWI is the latest acronym that stands for “Kill It With Iron”.  As computing and storage costs continue to decline massive big data computing can be achieved.  So much computing power is now available that computers are beating chess masters and winning at Jeopardy.  System computers have the power to think given the proper inputs and instructions.  The processing has become so powerful that mimicking brains of small animals is now possible and mimicking the human mind is right around the corner.

Gathering computing power for your company’s problem is only the start. With new PureSystems IBM hardware and software solutions unveiled this week at the Information on Demand conference KIWI is the way to better solutions and higher profits.

If your management continues to starve your environment of computing resources remember that DB2 10 continues to save everyone’s resources, big data requires big resources that don’t have to be expensive and KIWI is not only a fruit but a better solution.

I look forward to seeing everyone at the International DB2 Users Group (IDUG) conference in Berlin, Germany November 5th-9th with two topics “Data Warehouse Designs for Performance” and “Java DB2 Developer Performance Best Practices” on Tuesday November 6th.   Make sure to stop by and say “Hi.”


On December 4th 5th and 6th I will be presenting at the Minneapolis, Milwaukee and Chicago DB2 User groups.

Please come by any of these presentations and say, “Hi.”


Dave Beulke is an internationally recognized DB2 consultant, DB2 trainer and education instructor.  Dave helps his clients improve their strategic direction, dramatically improve DB2 performance and reduce their CPU demand saving millions in their systems, databases and application areas within their mainframe, UNIX and Windows environments.

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