Get Linked in with Dave Beulke and IDUG today

Hi Everyone,

Another great year of DB2 education, DB2 training and conferences are ahead of us.  To stay up with the latest news please feel free to connect with me through my LinkedIn account (LinkedIn-Dave_Beulke).

Also join the LinkedIn main IDUG group and the others associated with the various IDUG conferences for the best in DB2 training and DB2 education.

The main group is

IDUG: The World Wide DB2 User Community

DB2 training conference subgroups are :

IDUG Europe Conference
IDUG North America Conference
IDUG Speakers
IDUG India
IDUG Australasia

By getting LinkedIn with these groups you can find out about a number of special DB2 education, DB2 training and conference items this year.  So get connected today.

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