IBM Insight Conference 2015

The IBM Insight Conference is again happening in Las Vegas this year, and there are many great presentations about all the IBM portfolio of products on the agenda.  The history of the IBM Insight Conference comes from its roots as the DB2 Technical Conference, and there continues to be a huge number of DB2 z/OS and DB2 LUW presentations.

These presentations address all of the various DB2 z/OS and DB2 LUW enhancements along with the Analytics IDAA solutions.  A full list of the DB2 z/OS sessions and Analytics sessions are available in PDF format by clicking here. Someone from your company may have attended the Insight Conference or your IBM representative can help you get copies of the various presentations that can help provide solutions to your data management needs.

Some of the highlights of the conference so far are the announcement of DB2 12 coming through the early support program in spring of 2016 and a new DB2 LUW Version 11 coming soon also.  In addition to these great announcements, new software for IDAA makes the loader even faster—around 4 TB per hour for getting data into your analytics platform.

Next, the integration of DB2 LUW SQL optimizer technology into the IBM BigInsights Hadoop offering provides tremendous SQL capabilities, compatibility for all applications and leaps over the competition with unmatched performance.  The IBM BigInsights offering has the DB2 LUW SQL optimizer integrated lets architects position Hadoop into the flow anywhere its needed so developers can easily explore any unstructured, audio, visual, or Internet of Things data thrown into IBM BigInsights Hadoop.  Since it’s the same SQL optimizer inside, it lets your application developers quickly provide solutions for any type of business problem with any type of data.

The Insight Conference, with over fifteen thousand attendees and a tremendous agenda of technology sessions, lets everyone understand and learn from the successful experience presentations.

Also I look forward to seeing everyone at this year’s IBM Insight (formerly Information on Demand-IOD conference). I will be presenting two presentations.

  • “Performance Enterprise Architectures for Analytic Design Patterns” Wed, 28-Oct, 04:00 PM-05:00 PM Mandalay Bay South Convention Center Level 2 South Seas B
  • “Defending against the Legions of Doom: DB2 Security Best Practices.” Thursday, 29-Oct, 2-3 PM Mandalay Bay South Convention Center Level 2-South Seas C

For more details go here.


Dave Beulke is a system strategist, application architect, and performance expert specializing in Big Data, data warehouses, and high performance internet business solutions. He is an IBM Gold Consultant, Information Champion, President of DAMA-NCR, former President of International DB2 User Group, and frequent speaker at national and international conferences. His architectures, designs, and performance tuning techniques help organization better leverage their information assets, saving millions in processing costs. Follow him on Twitter here (@DBeulke) or connect through LinkedIn here (

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