Performance Features in DB2 V9 for z/OS -- Part 4

As I talked about in the previous weeks, DB2 Version 9 for z/OS has over 50+ great new performance features. Many of these features can really benefit your standard DBA operations and improve application performance and overall availability of your systems and data.

One of the important new changes is Utilities Improvements which helps your overall maintenance and health of your systems.

Several performance improvements were made within these standard DB2 utilities leveraging improved access and the new big block I/O features within z/OS. These improvements result in the potential to save a tremendous amount of CPU on many of your daily, weekly and monthly utility jobs.

Analysis and performance figures published by IBM shows that the following CPU performance improvement potential.


  • 0 to 15% Copy Tablespace
  • 5 to 20% in Recover index, Rebuild Index, and Reorg Tablespace/Partition
  • 5 to 30% in Load
  • 20 to 60% in Check Index
  • 35% in Load Partition
  • 30 to 50% in Runstats Index
  • 40 to 50% in Reorg Index
  • Up to 70% in Load Replace Partition with NPIs and dummy input

Elimination of BUILD2 Phase

One of the most important items related to the DB2 Version 9 for z/OS Utilities Improvements is the elimination of the BUILD2 phase processing within the standard utilities. The BUILD2 phase was the time when DB2 data was unavailable. Eliminating this phase helps availability for all your applications.

Eliminating the BUILD2 phase provides a dramatic improvement in availability, but can increase the CPU time and the elapsed time because DB2 manages the concurrent applications when one or more partitions are reorganized. Eliminating the BUILD2 phase allows online reorgs during non-peak processing and provides the DBAs with more opportunity to maintain and improve their systems, database and application performance.

So get your systems to DB2 Version 9 for z/OS and take advantage of these Utilities Improvements. These many improvements result in less CPU and also allow you to do on-line reorgs during non-peak processing helping to eliminate those late night or off hours reorgs that drive our schedules crazy as a DBA.

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