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DB2 Training Developed for: IT Managers, Application Architects, Database Administrators, System Administrators, System Programmers, and System Architects.

DB2 Training Technical Level: Intermediate

There is something for everyone in DB2 10 for z/OS. DB2 10 for z/OS provides the best reduction in CPU for transactions and batch to improve DB2 performance for 22 years, since V2R1. We expect most customers to reduce CPU times between 5% and 10% initially, with opportunity for more. Applications which can take advantage of additional benefits, such as hash access, can have larger CPU and memory reductions to improve DB2 performance. Scalability is the second major benefit, with the ability to run five to ten times as many threads in a single subsystem by moving 80% to 90% of the virtual storage above the bar. Schema evolution or data definition on demand enhancements improves availability. SQL, pureXML, and web services extend usability and application portability for this platform. Productivity improvements for application developers and for database administrators are very important as data grows in scale and complexity. Warehousing continues to evolve, with key trends matching System z and DB2 for z/OS strengths of performance, scalability, reliability, stability, availability, resilience, and security.

DB2 10 has a lot for everyone. Your organization needs to lower operating costs thru CPU cycle reductions while still building a strong foundation for SOA and XML initiatives. Database Administrators (DBAs) will find improved DB2 performance, scalability, and availability. Memory management is dramatically reduced, so growth is much simpler. DBAs also get more flexible security to help with regulatory compliance. A wide range of enhancements improve ERP application and data warehouse functionality and performance. Large object (LOB) performance and flexibility are improved. Many DBA tasks are simplified.

Application developers will be most excited by the second release of pureXML, which improves the SQL and XML interface to access XML data stored in a native format. Application developers need powerful new SQL enhancements. Improved SQL and data definition compatibility with other DB2 platforms makes porting much easier. Please join us for this informative webcast.

DB2 Training Speakers: Roger Miller, former DB2 for z/OS technical evangelist, IBM Software Group and DB2 consultant, David Beulke, Dave Beulke & Associates.

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