First Look at DB2 9.7 LUW

First Look at DB2 9.7 LUW

2009 DB2 Magazine article provides a first look at DB2 9.7 (DB2 LUW), including improvements to DB2 index compression, Oracle compatibility and concurrency.

Connect with your DB2 Performance

Recently working with a client’s SOA environment showed several interesting DB2 performance issues. One DB2 performance issue that was quite stunning was the large number of connections that the .Net and Java applications were making to DB2 and other systems. Researching the system and application further uncovered a wide disparity in the handling and the . . . → Read More: Connect with Your DB2 Performance

DB2 Locking

We’ve checked out numerous areas to check for performance.Now its time to see how the application performance is doing within the DB2 system. During this post, I’ll talk about some of the other standard places to check for performance improvements.

. . . → Read More: DB2 Locking