IDUG Europe and DB2 Java Performance

Sleep is over rated. Sleepless from too many time zone changes from clients to then jumping on a plane and presenting at the IDUG conference in Vienna was great but a challenge. The baby two seats away from me had a bad flight over and I felt so sorry for Mom trying everything to stop her baby’s crying. Standing, sitting, pacifier, feeding, movies and mom’s constant effort couldn’t make the baby happy enough to stop crying. Needless to say Mom, baby, and everyone around us were a bit tired when the plane landed.

This might have been a bad thing but I was able to get to my hotel and get a good night sleep before the Monday morning Jeff Jonas keynote session. His presentations are always good and brought up several interesting thoughts and ideas. Next the sessions and conversations started and it seems that Java, Hibernate and .Net systems have started to cause DB2 Java performance problems for a large number of companies. The many great hallway conversations pointed out how we all have great standards, codes reviews, and EXPLAIN processes within our COBOL infrastructure but have nothing within these other development environments. This is common and I always help clients with their DB2 Java performance by using Optimization Service Center, Visual Explain and the Optim Data Studio and Query Tuner products. All of these are great to quickly improve their Java, Hibernate and sometimes even .Net systems.

Java, Hibernate and .Net Projects

Several people wanted to hear about my experience with fixing DB2 Java performance, working with the Optim Data Studio products and how they can help with these Java, Hibernate and .Net projects. We talked about how easy the SQL can get uncovered and then changed from dynamic JDBC Java processing to static SQL with the new IBM pureQuery product. For several companies their storage constrained DB2 systems can really use the reduction in the dynamic statement cache by getting these DB2 Java performance problems defined to be static applications. In addition, the bonus of getting a CPU reduction from these Java, Hibernate and other JDBC connected application from being static applications and not having to double check security, object existence and access plans is a huge business selling point for getting pureQuery implemented as soon as possible.

So don’t be a baby and be unhappy all the time about your DB2 Java performance or those troublesome Hibernate and .Net performance problems. There are several options, tools and free or pay for products to help your company be successful with these difficult screaming applications.

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