DB2 Performance Features in DB2 V9 for z/OS – Part 15

No Locking Issues within DB2

Some of the new DB2 performance features in DB2 Version 9 for z/OS are built into the software.  To leverage some of these functions and features, system maintenance DBAs and application DBAs need to coordinate their efforts to realize the benefits.

A couple of these enhancements that are related to new DB2 9 for z/OS zParms are the “support for optimistic locking” and “skipping locked rows” options.  These two features highlight the new enhancements that IBM is implementing in DB2 to address application locking issues.

Locking always becomes a problem for databases that are extended for new applications other than their original purpose.  Also the latest .NET and Java application sometimes are challenging when they try to cache too much data.

The use of these two new DB2 performance enhancements built into DB2 9 for z/OS have some restrictions and considerations, but can be of some relief when applications locking issues are plaguing your system.  These new enhancements are detailed in the DB2 Version 9 manuals along with additional write-ups in section 5.6 of the new IBM Redbook, DB2 9 for z/OS Serialization and Concurrency Control (sg244725—available at the http://www.redbooks.ibm.com/abstracts/sg244725.html) This new Redbook discusses all the many parameter options for addressing locking issues like LOCKSIZE, LOCKMAX, MAXROWS, along with design guidelines for getting the best concurrency and serialization within your applications.

So if you want to understand your locking options better, research and leverage these new “support for optimistic locking” and “skipping locked rows” options within your DB2 9 for z/OS system and applications.

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