Migrating Oracle to DB2 Part 2


Please keep the comments coming and it seems there are a lot people interested in Oracle to DB2 conversions especially migrating from Oracle to DB2 for z/OS. The main questions were “How long does the migration from Oracle to DB2 really take?” and “When migrating from Oracle to DB2 what are the real problems . . . → Read More: Migrating from Oracle to DB2 Part 2

Oracle Conversion to IBM DB2 Cobra


Thanks for all the comments and emails about the blog. It is great to hear from everyone and hear how your company is having success or the same issues with your applications. It is also interesting to hear from the database competition Oracle.


DB2 9.7 has a number of features that make it . . . → Read More: Oracle Conversion to DB2

DB2 Version 10 for z/OS and DB2 LUW: Redefining DB2 Performance

The beta of DB2 10 for z/OS continues to progress with the early indications that the relative DB2 performance processing bar is definitely being raised in this next version. Early DB2 10 beta customers are truly experiencing 5-10% DB2 performance improvements out of the box. Some are even experiencing greater improvements because their unique application . . . → Read More: DB2 Version 10 and DB2 LUW: Redefining DB2 Performance

Five Important Items from IOD 2009

Attending all the sessions at the IBM Information on Demand conference is impossible, but attending the right DB2 training presentation to get the most out your time is vital. Not every conference is important, but with money tight and the economy questionable, learning and staying ahead of the pack with DB2 education is critical. While . . . → Read More: Five Important Items from DB2 Training at IOD 2009