Smart Analytics Optimizer with zEnterprise—Your Private Cloud


Within the recent zEnterprise announcement there were several exciting comments about the new query performance within the IBM Smart Analytics Optimizer. This smart system leverages the integrated platform, providing industry leading scalability for data warehouse and business intelligence capabilities.

Queries that scanned entire terabytes of data that were previously avoided can now be executed in seconds through the IBM Smart Analytics Optimizer processing. This capability provides data mining features for quickly getting answers to the clustering, associations, classification and predictions within your data warehousing environment.

Within some of the documentation, IBM testing of the Smart Analytics Optimizer shows huge performance boosts. Queries that scanned that were subsequently optimized sometimes showed an improvement of 54 times, the cost of the query 711 times. This type of improvement is very exciting and especially what new data warehousing and business intelligence workloads need on the zEnterprise platform. I’m told that the documentation that was handed out during the zEnterprise briefing will be posted soon. When it is I will post a link to the blog for everyone.

Check out all the new zEnterprise documentation—especially the information on the IBM Smart Analytics Optimizer. This is just the beginning of a resurgence of the new mainframe that supports any mainframe, UNIX or windows workload. Known as a company’s “private cloud,” it allows IT departments to leverage tremendous performance improvements while reducing query cost substantially.

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